Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A giggle, confusion but mostly about food

While most of the translated English in Japan is perfect there are a few oddments, like  on a restaurant menu, "hole wheat bread".  But this sign was to funny to pass up.  Trying to be respectful I waited until no one was around before I snapped the sign.  This was at an Buddhist Temple that we haven't blogged about yet.

Every single toilet that isn't in a home has this how to use sign.  I'm not sure what the issue is, are their people who are worldly enough to travel, but don't understand how to use a modern toilet?  The used toilet tissue though has a reason, some Asian countries toilet tissue is very sturdy and can't be flushed as it will muck up the works, so when they visit Japan, they don't know they are to flush used tissue here.

Without a doubt, this is the best fake food I've seen.  I have a real thing for plastic fake food.  Doesn't that ice cream and whipped cream look real?  Amazing!

Oh, and I've had to buy a small wash cloth to carry around and about due to very few of the restrooms having either paper towels or hand driers.  Of course I just had to get a cute one from Hikone-jo!  Got very tired of drying my hands on the leg of my pants....

The very first meal we ate out together was a grilled meat restaurant right down the street from us.  We both tried Wagu beef, and it is everything folks talk about.  Tender as a summer day, flavorful just fantastic.  When sliced super thin, it basically melts in your mouth.

While in Arashiyama I had a fantastic meal, as we were walking down the street a menu board announced "gluten free set"!  I was in googolplex heaven, the hellz with that flimsy 7th heaven!  Besides the duck, this was the best meal I've had in all of Japan.  Greg saw a sandwich on their menu that he just had to try, Grilled cheese and egg salad.  He loved it!

While in Nara we ate at a traditional Japanese restaurant.   Looky at the amazing meal Greg got!  He loved every bite too!  The clear bowl is a dessert made of cubes of sweetened agar agar, pineapple a sugared bean and a sweet light "broth".  At first Greg was hesitant  about trying it, but he loved the desert "soup".

KFC is quite a big deal here, so is McDonald's but we haven't gotten there yet.  The translated biscuit is a weird cross between a biscuit and a donut, and is fried and served with honey-maple syrup.  Greg gave it a 5.4 out of 10.  However, he loved the chicken sandwich!  The usual fried chicken tastes the same, just less greasy.  They sell a fried chicken tender that has a sweet bbq that he enjoyed.


While out and about one day, Greg was feeling a mite peckish and I saw this sandwich that I'd heard about and was eager to find out how it actually tasted.  Poor Greg has been my pinch hitter in the taste buds department and has eaten quite a lot of things he didn't want so I could find out what they tasted like.  He loved this sandwich.  Strange as it sounds its mega fluffy white bread, crusts removed filled with sweetened whipped cream [no vanilla only sugar] and slices of fruit.  That sandwich disappeared quick as a wink!

This has to be the smallest sink in the entire world!  My hand is about 6.5 inches long.

Aren't the carrots and peppers tiny? We used my iphone for comparison.  I've yet to see any that are larger, but they pack in a ton of flavor.  The peppers are thin walled and are closer to a banana pepper in texture than the peppers sold in the US.

Candy and rice crackers are popular souvenirs.  And am amazed at the wrapping on the rice crackers, they are nearly to adorable to unwrap!


  1. These posts are so great!! All of the food looks amazing, I just want to get on a plane to eat! So many beautiful sights, thank you for sharing all of these!!

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  3. Loved this post! Greg is indeed a trooper - can you even imagine Steve trying food for me?!? It's so good for Greg, though, because he gets to try so many new foods.
    I remember once being in a Chinese restaurant. The waiter didn't speak English. I was asking him if this one item had flour. We went back and forth a ton. Finally, he left and came back with ... a flower! The lady sitting at the next table literally fell on the floor, laughing.