Saturday, October 8, 2016

Our Japanese Apartment

If you've read Japanese manga or watched anime, this hallway view will look familiar.

Upon entering all Japanese homes or schools, shrines street shoes come off.  There is always a clear division between outside and inside. 

Toilets are a marvel, one thing I'd dearly love to take home with me.  The seats are heated, a bidet is built in and as you can see, a sink to wash your hands that fills the tank for the next flush!

The kitchen is teeny tiny.  But it is workable.

The bathroom sink, with an flexible faucet.


The shower/bath area.  The rule for Japanese bathing is to NEVER get into the bathtub dirty, one can either take a shower, or sit on the stool lowering the shower hose and wash off using a washing pan and cloth, then a quick rinse and pop into the bath for a long hot soak.  The interesting thing is that the tub drains into the floor drain.

And the living area.


  1. In that tiny place where does King Sized Greg fit?

  2. I want one of those toilets!!!!! Heated seat? Awesome!!