Friday, September 30, 2016

Good-bye Alaska! Hello Hawaii!

Good-bye Alaska, you will be missed.  Well, except for your weather which is slipping slowly into winter. 

Howdy Hawaii!  The trade winds are blowing and the air smells fresh and sweet and oh my its nice and warm.  Our first breath of the Hawaiian air was a big shock.  Not only is it lovely warm soft air, it was filled to the brim with humidity. 

We took a taxi to have dinner, and walked back.   The restaurant was in a huge pricey mall, filled with stores I've only heard of never seen, like Harry Winston and Tiffany's.  The green space was woven into and around the mall and it was lit with dozens of lanterns in the giant trees.

 The sidewalks around 10 pm are packed with shoppers and people coming from restaurants and off to the bars.  I've never seen so many people out and about that late at night.  I found it invigorating but Greg hated being bumped into and being surrounded by clouds of folks. 

The view from our lanai.

I was looking forward to walking a few of the parks and beaches here at Waikiki, however my traitorous body decided to fall head long into the cold I've been fighting.  Tiny tot granddaughter might be adorable but she carried a mighty cold virus.  So, today was spent sleeping and reading, trying to give my body a rest before the big push.  It seems to have worked, I'm feeling better.

Every single Friday night Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki puts on a 10 minute firework display.  Luckily we could see them from our wee lanai.  It's like a mini 4th of July every Friday!

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